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Collinswell Land Ltd was established in 2002 by 2 prominent developers and one of the first projects was the redevelopment of the former Alcan Works in Burntisland. Since then Collinswell has successfully obtained detailed planning permission for residential development and associated landscaping. This enabled Collinswell to provide all the necessary infrastructure prior to the sale of serviced land to a number of housebuilders.

The two principals of Collinswell Land are Zander Williamson and Ian McCully who are Managing Director and Development Director respectively. They have a wealth of experience in the development of both residential and commercial property and have worked together on a number of projects.

Zander Williamson is an experienced property developer, in his own right, having completed a number of residential and commercial developments. In addition, he has extensive experience in development finance and funding.

Ian McCully is a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Town Planner and before teaming up with Zander Williamson, was a Director of George Wimpey Plc Strategic Land Management.

Zander Williamson
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Ian McCully
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