collinswell land's green footprint

Brown Field Remediation and Re-use

Collinswell Land Ltd has remediated the old Alcan Factory site involving over 40 acres of contaminated land.

The site which is part of Burntisland was an eye sore. Within the new residential development we have created a parkland and large swathes of landscape areas.

The planting of 400 mature trees and 2500 smaller trees and bushes on what was an industrial waste land greatly helps the environment and our carbon off set and reductions commitment.

Our new office development is an example of HITEC and care for the environment using Solar Panels for water and under floor heating supplementation. Almost all lighting is low power and insulation standards are of the highest.

Future Planning

The new nursing home currently being planned will involve the best standards of solar heating and matrix heat pumps which will significantly reduce the carbon emissions and operating costs. Low power lighting and control systems will be used throughout.

The surrounding area, once an old tip, will have considerable tree planting and landscaping again improving our carbon set off.

The Directors commitment to environmental projects is shown in the work with our partners at the Seamill Pond Improvement Scheme.

Their personal properties are all low energy lit and make large use of solar panels for hot water and heating supplementation.